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About the Track

The goal of the Industry Track is to promote a channel of discussion among different segments in the game industry and market, discussing and evaluating different ways to stimulate its growth and consolidation in Brazil, as well as strengthening its ties to the Academic community.

Target audience:

Industry professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers, as well as anyone interested in getting into the business.

Fields of interest

Preferably topics which integrate with SBGames 2009 theme “Thinking about Convergence” (but not mandatory), include (but are not limited to):

  • Export strategies
  • Console development
  • International mobile market
  • Interactive TV
  • One-button games
  • Development processes and tools
  • Life quality and work conditions in the game industry
  • Intellectual property
  • Legal issues
  • Digital distribution
  • Serious Games
  • Communities and user-created content
  • Project post-mortems


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Industry Track Committee Chairs

  • Chair: Wiston Petty (Abragames/Insolita Studios)
  • Co-chair: André Penha (Abragames/Tectoy Digital)